Looking to Replace My J Class Engine

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MTH is worth the price.  I have 3 of their J's and they powerful and 
very dependable.

Walter Davis

Youngsville, NC

On 7/6/2018 2:56 PM, NW Modeling List via NW-Modeling-List wrote:
> I am looking for a new J class engine.  I currently have a Bachmann J 
> Class but it just does not want to stay on the rails.  It does fine in 
> straight runs, but in curves (22” radius to 36” radius) it keeps 
> derailing.  It also will not go up a 3% grade with a string of 
> passenger cars.  All of my other steam engines and diesels do fine on 
> my rails and grades.  It appears that any place the rails are not 
> absolutely perfect, it will derail.  Perhaps it is too light.  I am 
> not too bummed as I only paid $124 for the DCC ready engine on eBay.  
> I added my own decoder and sound, which I can always use in other 
> steam engines.  (I guess you get what you pay for).
> Any suggestions on a good brand of J Class I can buy that, hopefully, 
> will stay on my rails and pull up a 3% grade?  I have noticed that MTH 
> offers J Class engines (more than I would like to pay) and they offer 
> a flat tender or a rounded tender.  When was the switch from flat to 
> round?  Any other good brands of J Class other than MTH?
> Thanks for your opinions.
> Jack Fletcher​
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