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It is  our responsibility to stay informed as manufactures have Many! projects in the works. I strongly suggest signing up for the manufactures’ updates, such as the N&W SD40-2s and the N&W covered hoppers from Scale Trains.

The N&W GP9s were announced and produced by reservation only and mentioned on the NWHS modeling list. Yes, Athearn does know the demand by its upfront reservations. I do not believe just because 

one is a member of a society they would know the demand, nor would our society. Most members do not order through the society. As far as a song in one’s head, it only last a very short time then is forgotten or replaced with something else.


Just an interesting thought:

What if the society offered a product for (whatever it sells) for a “the amount as a donation” so that the society can make money and we get a return as a tax deduction.

Just brain storming.






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I remember the Athearn announcement from over a year ago and at the time I called my favorite dealer, who said he does not carry the line because the distributor will not sell to a trains only store in this region.  They want to sell to full line hobby shops.  So I called my second fav and he pre-ordered one of the Redbirds for me.  Unfortunately, he went out of business in January.  I was able to find one on E-Bay and it is supposed to arrive on Friday.  I saw the original announcement that was sent to Athearn e-mail recipients (those who have signed up). The fact that so many folks want both the red and blue versions, and the fact that so many of us want black versions, as well, should prompt Athearn to build more N&W models.  

The question I have is "Are they aware of the demand?"  They would be if they were members of our society.  We have an ongoing discussion about getting more members and sponsoring new members.  Why don't we include manufacturers?  I would be  willing to contribute to a fund that would sponsor manufacturers' memberships.  I suspect that many of the manufacturers have seen "The Arrow" once or twice, already.  Since our MAT already have a fair number of contacts with the people who make decisions at the model manufacturers, copies of our fantastic magazine and model related e-mails should be made available to them regularly.  The more info they have from us, the more they will think about us (like that song you can't get out of your head).  I know that "The Arrow" is expensive to produce, and it is a really high end product that says a lot about the membership, so I think it would go a long way in impressing manufacturers about the loyalty and interest of N&W and Virginian members.

Walter Davis
Wishing someone would make some K's,
Modeling N&W and Virginian in Youngsville, NC

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We were all taken by surprise to some degree. I never saw the Athearn announcement and the Society, if they mentioned it, wasn't very specific about it.


I ordered one on Friday from a feebay seller and the order got screwed up. Naturally feebay customer service said it was up to me contacting the seller and dropped it on me. The seller didn't respond until noon today so I lost out on the several sellers that were listing them. Kleins was sold out last Friday. Some folks said they had them but you need to read the # in stock at the bottom of each item with Friday said "0" in stock on all Tuscan Red units. 


Oh well, I guess if I can live with the real Redbirds being gone I can live with my models also being gone too!


Roger Huber 

Deer Creek Locomotive Works





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