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I have given up on the TCS WOW Sound decoders; I found them much too
difficult to program, especially where I wanted to remap certain functions
to other buttons rather than those selected by TCS; I have settled on the
Tsunami2 by Soundtraxx for my sound decoder needs; it is amazing the chuff
rate corresponds to the rod movement and the decoders are much easier for
me to program.


Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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> wrote:

>     Maybe one had to be there, but, with the exception of the brake
> squeaks & squeals, the sounds were not impressive and did not correspond to
> the rod movement.
> Jimmy Lisle
> On 7/2/2018 6:57 AM, NW Modeling List wrote:
> TCS WOW Steam with PCM Norfolk & Western Y6b
> <>
> This link is for a video on Youtube.  About 4-5 minutes in, the loco
> starts and sounds like an A with the double-chuff and ends with a single
> chuff like a compound Y.  I didn't see all of the clinic TCS did in
> Strasburg...did they mention this in their WowSound Steam?
> There is a lot of talking in the video, mostly about braking, but he
> doesn't talk about the chuff.  This isn't a TCS video, I think it is a
> club.  Nice weathering on the Y, though.
> Mike Shockley
> N&W Guyandotte Division
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