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I bought several TCS WowSound decoders when they first came out based on their ability to synchronize the exhaust with the machinery movement - without a decoder. Perhaps the TCS guys didn't do this.  I sometimes wonder if younger hobbyists are aware of this connection.

The synchronization process is very easy, using the very "Audio Assist" that the video demonstrated briefly at the beginning. You follow the prompts to a "chuff sync" (or something like that) option, then increase or decrease the timing between each exhaust event.  Once set, it corresponds to the movement at any speed, using the motor's back-emf as the trigger.  I'd been looking for this specific feature since about 2010, so when TCS announced it, it didn't take me long to pick up a few.  Machinery and exhaust synchronization is the top priority in steam sound in my opinion.

I haven't attempted to set it up on an articulated locomotive, so I have not determined what is (or is not) possible - specifically timing of both engines and the double-single transition that Mike mentioned.

One neat feature about the brakes (they do sound good) is that they can be applied with the throttle still open to simulate stretching a train to a stop - the locomotive will start barking louder as the brakes are applied.  Very cool.

Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio US.

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    Maybe one had to be there, but, with the exception of the brake squeaks & squeals, the sounds were not impressive and did not correspond to the rod movement.
Jimmy Lisle

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TCS WOW Steam with PCM Norfolk & Western Y6b 

This link is for a video on Youtube.  About 4-5 minutes in, the loco starts and sounds like an A with the double-chuff and ends with a single chuff like a compound Y.  I didn't see all of the clinic TCS did in Strasburg...did they mention this in their WowSound Steam?  
There is a lot of talking in the video, mostly about braking, but he doesn't talk about the chuff.  This isn't a TCS video, I think it is a club.  Nice weathering on the Y, though.

Mike Shockley
N&W Guyandotte Division

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