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re: Peaked Ends - This from a C&O fan no less  :)

‘WESTERFIELD MODELS - Detail Parts Prices March 1, 2017’ (pdf download available from: )

“#2190 Hopper Car Detail Set (Enterprise Door Locks, End Peaks, Slope Sheet Support Struts) - Set for 1 car $5.50”

If memory serves, these fine (and fragile) resin parts are originally from the old USRA/C&O 70 ton 3 bay hopper kit. They also have complete radial ends available. I don’t know if N&W had any, but C&O had lots of them.

MDC (Roundhouse/Athearn) - Oval end extension part set for their 3 bay ribbed triple hopper (plastic body based on original diecast metal kit). Probably better described as a ‘Oval, Notched’ end, it is not full width, instead leaving one side flat. Perhaps for brakeman access.

I can’t seem to find the old MDC part number for the little package of a pair of these oval end extensions, but I clearly remember the little (1-1/2”x2” ?) clear plastic bag with a printed card label and the two castings on a short sprue. I have seen them at plenty of train shows and hobby shops. Alas, many years ago. But I’m sure that some are still out there, in modelers basements, maybe a few hobby shops, and surely at train shows, if you look hard enough. They may even be in an Athearn parts list. I seem to recall something like that, but have no idea if still true. Probably well buried anyway.

I have enough MDC ends for my needs, and I think I sold some excess pairs years ago. So I can’t help supply anyones needs. But I wish you good luck finding as many as you want.

Dave A

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Thanks everyone for the input!  I still haven’t found these pieces/kit online but I did find a spare piece leftover so I will use it as a template.  I will probably take Bob’s advice and scratch build them.  Bob, it was your 3-part article that started in the Mar/Apr issue of the Arrow that first inspired me to do this.  I don’t have the issues anymore so I didn’t know if this was a kit referenced in your article or something I found myself back then.  The shields I found are the notched ones and they fit perfectly on the Accurail “coal train” cars.
I would be interested to know what would be the cost to 3D print them though.
Jon Dameron 
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