Reminder on Spring Mills Depot HO Caboose "Early Bird" Preorders are due by Nov 30th 2017

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Mon Nov 27 21:53:06 EST 2017

This is how I contacted Spring Mills to place my order and get a quote including shipping.  It was not the easiest website maneuver.
There is no phone number listed. 

1. Go to website:

2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the home page until you see:
Click here to email us! 
I had no problem by clicking on this which opened email format.
I had a quote within 2 days. 

3. To see entire caboose production page by class with prototype photos scroll back UP to this:
Our Eighth Project Car Announced - N&W CF/CG/CH/C2/C10/C30 Cabooses!
You can click on photos to see the prototypes.  On the same page you can click on ordering.  You will see close to 100 items when it breaks down to every road name, road number, and lettering/color variation for what SMD is offering.  I spent a good amount of time with the N&W caboose book to decide which ones I wanted.

I found it difficult to condense the order page down to one page.  I highlighted the top of the order page including the spaces for the first few cabooses on the list.  I made this a word doc, deleted the cabooses on the order form, and manually entered the exact three items I ordered in the empty spaces.   Since I already had a quote and ample time, I printed the form and mailed a check.  It could also have been sent as an email attachment.  At this point, anyone who wants to beat the deadline will need to use credit card or paypal.

 I hope you all can get an order to them by end of day 11/30.

Rick Morrison
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