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Stephen: The N&W acquired four EL2b's in the VGN merger. Contrary to what is listed on the Sunset website N&W never repainted the EL2b's into N&W colors.  They were renumbered but never repainted. Harold Davenport

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Subject: VGN EL-2B in O Scale  Sunset Models/3rd Rail has announced that it will be making the VGN EL-2B in 2 & 3 rail models.Jimmy LisleVGN / N&W EL-2 B
LARGEST ELECTRIC IN NORTH AMERICANThe Virginian Railway's class EL-2B comprised four two-unit electric locomotives with AAR (B+B-B+B)+(B+B-B+B) wheel arrangements. The locomotives were used on the 133-mile (214 km) electrified portion of the railroad, from Roanoke, Virginia to Mullens, West Virginia. These large motor-generator locomotives weighed 1,000,000 pounds were 150'8" long, and were capable of producing 6,800 horsepower. Available in VGN and N&W Liveries (PAIRs)  (WIKIPEDIA) 
   - All Brass Construction
   - Fully Detailed Cab Interior
   - Manual Working Pantographs
   - ERR CRUISE in 3 Rail TMCC/ New OEM Railsounds
   - QSI "Titan" DCC / Sound in 2 Rail 
   - Compatible with Legacy, DCS, TMCC, Conventional
   - Available in 2R 48" Radius or 3R 054 3 Rail Track
   - $1999.95 MSRP Serialized Pairs
   - Reserve Today!!!
 | VGN EL-2B 

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