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Would it be possible to post a link to the picture of the "repaint" photo from the referenced article?  It would be fun to see.


Dr. J. Brent Greer
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Frank is correct. All four sets survived the merger and they were renumbered by changing the first digit of their numbers from 1 to 2.

Now, one was "repainted" at least as far as N&W Magazine followers thought as the column for the New River Division was headed with a photo of the EL-2B passing Princeton that one of the N&W Photographers painted into Norfolk and Western lettering, and I have seen a drawing for the proposed paint scheme, but it was never carried to real life application.

One unit was indeed used as the Whitethorne pusher, the other I suspect was a parts source, as N&W had pretty much decided the electrification was at its end, and nobody wanted to spend money to buy new parts from GE.

Sadly, all were scrapped, I've never found a definitive source of exactly where they were scrapped, some said Lynchburg, but the most reliable source says Richmond.

Ken Miller

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I believe all four sets survived the merger.  At least some were used by N&W in the short time before the catenary came down and the ELC's were sold to New Haven.  At least one set was "broken up" and one unit was used as a pusher (at Whitethorn).  I'm pretty confident they were renumbered (adding 100 to the VGN number), but that's just the little numberboard.  They stayed in the Virginian lettering (unlike the one ELC that got repainted for the N&W)and were then scrapped.

Maybe Sunset is going to have different numberboards.

Or maybe they just are saying N&W had them for someone modeling 1960.

If they do some in N&W lettering we'll have a good laugh, but there may be some people who like "what if?" stuff.

Frank Bongiovanni

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How many of these did N&W have: They are not listed as fantasy models to inspecting buyers who are not in the know.
Stephen Rineair

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Sunset Models/3rd Rail has announced that it will be making the VGN EL-2B in 2 & 3 rail models.

Jimmy Lisle

VGN / N&W EL-2 B

The Virginian Railway's class EL-2B comprised four two-unit electric locomotives with AAR (B+B-B+B)+(B+B-B+B) wheel arrangements. The locomotives were used on the 133-mile (214 km) electrified portion of the railroad, from Roanoke, Virginia to Mullens, West Virginia. These large motor-generator locomotives weighed 1,000,000 pounds were 150'8" long, and were capable of producing 6,800 horsepower. Available in VGN and N&W Liveries (PAIRs)  (WIKIPEDIA)

  *   All Brass Construction
  *   Fully Detailed Cab Interior
  *   Manual Working Pantographs
  *   ERR CRUISE in 3 Rail TMCC/ New OEM Railsounds
  *   QSI "Titan" DCC / Sound in 2 Rail
  *   Compatible with Legacy, DCS, TMCC, Conventional
  *   Available in 2R 48" Radius or 3R 054 3 Rail Track
  *   $1999.95 MSRP Serialized Pairs
  *   Reserve Today!!!




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