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Sat Mar 18 09:20:25 EDT 2017

I didn’t track the “making louvers” thread, so this information may be redundant with what was presented before, but…

I just found the Archer Transfers product line (trying to add a riveted oil tank to a New Haven K-1d for wire train service).

One of the delightful findings on their web site was:  This is the HO version of “Louver Assortment”; they also offer N, S, and O-scale louver assortments.  The Archer products are resin details 3D printed onto decal film.  You cut out the detail set you want to apply (such as pre-spaced rows of rivets or louvers), and use decaling techniques to apply them to your model before painting.

They have a pretty imaginative set of 3D surface features for sale.  To view their application video:

-Eric Bott
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