J 602 booster engine

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Thank you for posting the link to the C-2 Booster treatise.  Very interesting!

Does anybody know of any boiler design references or formula guidelines that the later US steam designers?  I'd be interested in N&W's especially, but any of Paul Kiefer's (NYC) or Altoona Works' (PRR) later design guidelines would be fascinating!  I'm specifically interested in these people's thinking about ratio of flue length to diameter, ratio of tube dia to flue dia, single-pass vs multi-pass superheater configurations, combustion chamber length considerations, etc.

-Eric Bott

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> For modeling purposes, was there anything visible on 602 with regard 
> to the booster that I could effectively represent in HO scale on my 
> model of that locomotive?

     Use the following links from the N&W Archives to find what you want about the booster on the Class J:




     To learn more about the booster engine operated use the following link. It is a bvig file so wait for it to load:


Jimmy Lisle
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