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Glad to hear your opinion on the lettering. I can tell you from prior project experience with not only Athearn, but BLMA, ScaleTrains and others, the color of the artwork is close, but there is a color key off to the side, not shown for public display that specifies the paint colors and codes to be used for production. That being said, I would expect the color to be really close to correct .

Russ Goodwin

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I don't see any problem with the hood lettering, but I don't like the shade of the Tuscan.

Jim Nichols

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Athearn has announced four roadnumbers of N&W GP9's. Two will be Pevler Blue and two in metallic Tuscan. All road numbers will be offere as both DCC ready or with DCC and Sound. Sound will be Soundtraxx's Tsunami 2 sound system.

Road numbers are 502 & 508 in blue and 514 & 521 in Tuscan. Details will be road number specific. Artwork appears that the scripted logo for the Tuscan units will be on a separate photoetched plate. Hood lettering on the Tuscan unit appears a bit off to me, but I am viewing it on a smart phone, hopefully Messers Brewer, Painter or Nichols can comment.

MSRP will is $189.98 non sound and $289.98 with sound. Street prices will vary. Tentatively scheduled to deliver in late January 2018.

More info can be found at

Russ Goodwin
Oakwood , GA

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