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James: The safety bars over the dynamic brake grids on the RS3 in the VTM have been damaged. The bars should be straight across the grid not bent in a V shape.  The cab of the N&W purchased RS3s is very close to the cab that was on the RS11s.  The reason for the extended cab was that the N&W wanted dual control on all the diesels it was purchasing at that time.  I don't understand the shortsighted blue paint scheme offerings of the N&W RS3 by both Bowser and Division Point.  I have been working with Division Point for several years on a black version of the N&W RS3. I drove from Atlanta to Roanoke and measured the cab on the RS3 in the VTM and sent Division Point numerous drawings and photos of the black paint job with scotch-lite lettering. Jack in his last email on the RS3s says he is going to produce ten N&W RS3s in blue. With that note I plan to cancel my reservation for two N&W black RS3s.  Maybe when Mr English visits VTM he will see the black paint on the RS3 there and get the message.   Harold Davenport

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Good info to know there!  I am just glad these are being produced.  I have a Stewart Phase 3 kit to a model but my workbench has enough on it to last several years.  Also I couldn’t quite figure out how to do the dynamic brakes,  did get to take some pictures of the one at VMT for the dynamics.

James Wall
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