Gondola Decals.

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Thu Jan 5 11:49:01 EST 2017

I am looking for advice on a source for decaling an HO scale N&W Class G4 War Emergency Composite Gondola. I have just finished assembling two nice Tichy kits. When I add the AMB laser cut wood floors and sides and some weathering they should make nice models. I just need some decals. 
I have looked at some decals that I have  but the late steam/transition era 24" style would appear too large to fit between the external bracing. I am guessing the earlier 17" style might work but not sure. I plan to order some soon from Mt Vernon Shops. They seem to offer a nice package set. 
Nothing I have found in the N&WHS commissary would appear to fit. 
When I am next visiting the archives I plan to look up the drawing (NW-F38992) for the stencil however the on-line thumbnail is too small to read. 

Any advice on decaling my gondolas would be appreciated. 


Kevin Byrd
Chesterfield, VA

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