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"my tattered memory did not recall it was in MR.  I think you're referring to an well done article by John Munson, taking two Athearn offset quads and doing a battleship gon. "

Yep, that was in the Oct. 1974 MR, a 3 page kitbash article, with a brake diagram that combined the rigging and piping diagrams from the 1958 scratchbuilding article, which he references.

"somewhere in my records, there's a reference that John Paton also used two Athearn offset quads to do the C&O battleship gon."

Yes, that is in the Jan. 1977 issue of the C&O Historical Newsletter. It is derivative of the 1974 MR article, with slightly shorter dimensions.

I tried to get a grip on the various 'battleship versions, but I have come up a bit short  :(

I see that the N&W car has a flat side sheet, unlike the VGN and C&O cars with the setbacks on the ends, and offset tops. But what got me is where did the big fishbelly side cars come from ?  That being the Nickel Plate Products model !

I misspoke on a previous post when I said that my NPP car model brake detailing was like the other VGN cars. Wrong ! They have a mirrored, dual  Westinghouse AB system (as shown in both MR articles). My NPP model, and the fishbelly side prototype, have a different arrangement with a single, large air tank. Unfortunately, I can't remember where I found the prototype data for that. And the C&O cars have another arrangement (TSC #62).

BTW - Train Shed Cyclopedia #62 has lots of monster hopper and gons !

Dave A  (more direct to you soon !)
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