GGD Powhatan Arrow cars

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On 2/9/2016 4:08 PM, NW Modeling List wrote:
> Jimmy: I agree with you regarding the car designs both interior and 
> exterior. This is the main reason I plan to keep my set.  But mine 
> look so much more brown than yours I am wondering if there were two 
> different paint jobs applied to the sets.  Tomorrow, I am going to 
> Cary, NC to visit my friend Jerry Davis and attend his regular 
> Wednesday operation session. There are usually six to ten "O" scale 
> modelers in attendance. I plan to take my "Arrow" set and get their 
> opinions of the color. We will also be taking several photos of my 
> cars and I will post them on the modeling list to see how they compare 
> with yours.  To get my set to look somewhere near correct I believe 
> that they will have to be repainted and decaled . Having said that I 
> will be looking for "O" scale decal sets.  Harold
     Here is a comparison of the previous GGD N&W PUllman and the GGD 
N&W Arrow cars. You also remarked back when the Pullmans came out that 
they were brown too. Good luck with your repaints.


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