GGD Powhatan Arrow cars

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> Jimmy: I agree with you regarding the car designs both interior and 
> exterior. This is the main reason I plan to keep my set.  But mine 
> look so much more brown than yours I am wondering if there were two 
> different paint jobs applied to the sets.  Tomorrow, I am going to 
> Cary, NC to visit my friend Jerry Davis and attend his regular 
> Wednesday operation session. There are usually six to ten "O" scale 
> modelers in attendance. I plan to take my "Arrow" set and get their 
> opinions of the color. We will also be taking several photos of my 
> cars and I will post them on the modeling list to see how they compare 
> with yours.  To get my set to look somewhere near correct I believe 
> that they will have to be repainted and decaled . Having said that I 
> will be looking for "O" scale decal sets.  Harold
     There are not two different paint jobs. Mine look just like yours. 
It all depends on the light. If you look at the photo on the GGD 
website, that is very close to what color you, and I, are seeing. And 
no, I didn't adjust the color, that is just the way my camera takes the 

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