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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m an US-modeler living in Germany and I my specific hobby is to build 
and super detail US railroad cars and engine models.

In specific case I super-detailed a N&W class CG brass caboose – see 
description and *gallery <>*on my 
website – and there is a question to train end lanterns for a train of 

I purchased lanterns with four lenses and I will lighten them. The rear 
lens will have a red color – and how is the color of lenses on other 

Using a red LED will be the most simple way however is this correct? 
Please watch that this model should represent the 30ties of last century.

I would be lucky to receive an answer. Please send forward this question 
to a member or NWHS friend who can give me an answer.

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards

Bernhard Schroeter

01259 Dresden, Germany


Visit my website, please -


* <>*

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