seeking info on 60500-60999 wood boxcars

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I'm interested in modeling the boxcar below in HO scale.  One of 
similar number was listed in a Southern Railway Winston-Salem 
Division Conductor log book series, these for 1934, that I own.

This is the photo I have found.

Here's what my friend found from a 1926 ORER:

60500-60999 XM steel underframe, friction draft gear
Inside Length: 36-feet, 1/8-inch
Inside Width: 8-feet, 6 1/8-inches
Inside Height: 8-feet
Outside Length: 38-feet, 3-inches
Outside Width: 9-feet, 11.25-inches
Outside Height from Rail to Eave: 12-feet, 3 1/8-inches
Outside Height form Rail to top of Running Board: 13-feet, 1 3/8-inches
Door Width of Opening: 5-feet, 6-inches
Height of Opening: 6-feet, 10.25-inches
Cubic feet level full: 2452
Pounds: 80000
Number in service: 472

Of note, the 62000-64599 series has nearly identical dimensions, 
except for less than an inch variance in the Height from rail to 
eaves and running board. There are 1712 of these cars listed in service.

The N&W recapitulation summary lists 2195 plain XM cars of 80,000 lb 
capacity. Those noted above are all but nine of those cars.

When I asked Andrew Dahm of Westerfield about whether they made the 
ends, he said:

Hello Mr. Bott:  Thank you for the photo.  That car looks alot like 
the AT&SF Boxes in our series #1400/4000 and or #7800.

I think the 7800 Series has the 7/7 ends but the 1400 Series has some 
sides that look like that.
I can't say about the dimensions, though.
If you can give me a side length and end width dimension in HO feet, 
I would be glad to check them.

Did the N&W buy any old cars from the AT&SF?

Thank you,
Andrew Dahm

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