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Well, obviously, every major and minor difference in the many class Ms can't be produced but doing at least the USRA 10A and the N&W 12A tenders is a distinct possibility. The USRA would be a best bet considering the two remaining class Ms both have them attached at this time. The popularity of the 475 makes it the obvious choice for doing only one model if that's the decision. Apparently the 475 had a 12A tender until 12/31/55. My tender info shows tender #120013 being assigned after 1955. I'm assuming that's a 12B USRA 12,000 gallon tender since the 12A numbers were 120001-120012???? Attached is a photo of the 475 with a 12A tender. Date unknown.
I have a roster that shows 16 class Ms between late 1954 and 9-59 with 475 being the last  engine on the M roster.

The possibility exists for doing two smokebox fronts with the high mounted headlight and one with the centered headlight. The same with providing footboard pilots and standard N&W boiler tube types. Both were very common variations and doing them both wouldn't be that big of a financial stretch.  Many Pennsy steamers have been produced over the years with both modern cast pilots and older strap style pilots so it's not some far out idea. The extras could always find use. I don't see a lot of detail variations on the M class engines other than pilots, HL locations, tenders and the outside steam delivery pipes on the cylinders. They seem to have remained very basic engines from start to finish. Some apparently remained with Stephenson valve gear rather late. None received stokers or modern appliances.

Doing the 12A tenders would also be a good bet financially as they were very common tenders used on E-2, M, M-2 and several other classes from time to time. They have only been done by Sunset in brass (maybe PSC) as far as I know. Having a chance to add some to my Pacifics would make me a happy camper and I'm sure other N&W modelers would welcome having some to use too. I'd definitely go for 3 extra tenders if they do them as a separate item.

Just a quick glance through only my photos (not looking at all the books, slides and videos) shows the Ms used at least 4 different tenders and the M-2s used at least 5 different styles. I think over 2/3 of my photos showed the Ms with the 12A and the majority of the rest showed the USRA. Older photos showed the 9A.
If they decide to do the M here's my choice: 12A tender, high mounted headlight and boiler tube pilot. Naturally with DCC, smoke & sound.......undecorated too!
Roger HuberDeer Creek Locomotive Works
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The N&W did not ever always keep the same tenders with the engine, why 
they were never numbered with the engine as in any shop service they may 
come out with a differrent tender.

The Strasburg M may be a good bounce off point but you may want to get 
into your historicals for more accurate references. Do you want to do an 
-as delivered- thing or a later -in service- thing..or both? I have 2 
models of the M2c, one with smaller tender, other with larger tender, 
and yet there are many detail differences between the 2 engines.
including one using a stoker (larger tender), the other a shoveler.
You have to remember the M at Strasburg was at the Roanoke scrap yard 
where the M2cs were, it was sold/rescued and restored to service before 
the others.
Its tender might not even be its service tender at the time, so don't 
even take that as reference, if true or not, its a servicable tender for 
the M. I would make a choice on what tender to use, probably one used in 
regular service.


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> The tender on 475 was not used on very many M?s.  They used larger tenders.  This would allow for many more numbers/runs.  The extra axles will provide better electrical pick-up too.
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> Mark Lindsey

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