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The tender on the #475 at Strasburg is the tender that was on the engine in late service in the 1950s. It stayed with #475 when it was decorated for historic purposes and went with #475 when it was sold to the scrap yard. Harold Davenport . 
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The N&W did not ever always keep the same tenders with the engine, why 
they were never numbered with the engine as in any shop service they may 
come out with a differrent tender.

The Strasburg M may be a good bounce off point but you may want to get 
into your historicals for more accurate references. Do you want to do an 
-as delivered- thing or a later -in service- thing..or both? I have 2 
models of the M2c, one with smaller tender, other with larger tender, 
and yet there are many detail differences between the 2 engines.
including one using a stoker (larger tender), the other a shoveler.
You have to remember the M at Strasburg was at the Roanoke scrap yard 
where the M2cs were, it was sold/rescued and restored to service before 
the others.
Its tender might not even be its service tender at the time, so don't 
even take that as reference, if true or not, its a servicable tender for 
the M. I would make a choice on what tender to use, probably one used in 
regular service.


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> The tender on 475 was not used on very many M?s.  They used larger tenders.  This would allow for many more numbers/runs.  The extra axles will provide better electrical pick-up too.
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