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If you know someone who smokes, has a fireplace, etc. you can use the ash from those.  I'm still trying to duplicate that grimy gray look of yard cinders/ballast that have been subject to rain, lubricants etc.  Dying sand might be the answer. 
Jim Brewer 
Glenwood MD 

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Grant, you sir, are a truly dedicated modeler, and my hat is off to you!  Could you please advise what size sieves you use? Your idea for cinders is brilliant: would it work for the ash pit? Or would you suggest something else?  
Ed Svitil 

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For stone ballast, I use 2 sieves to screen quarry sand from N&W quarries. For cinders, I dye plain sand black and screen through the smaller sieve. 

Grant Carpenter 

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Is there a commercial product to replicate NW 1950's  mainline and yard ballast?  What looks/works best to the more experienced hands? 


Ed Svitil 
Norfolk & Western Railway Modeler  

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