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Thanks for the input.  I have spent nearly five to six hours today looking at photos for the answer.  I have nothing conclusive to add as everyone Cal, Jim and Ed, you have all made the point I have reached today - if she was ever blue when was she painted?  Unless ALCO delivered her with a bad paint job she should never have been painted blue.  I found a photo by Tom Sink of SD45 1803 with two ALCO’s in the consist head south in Martinsville in January 1973, third unit appears to be a C425 high hood.  I emailed Tom to see if he has other photos of this group.  

I looked today at obscure photos taken around the terminals and dated to photos in the Second Gen book and most of the photos quoted today.  The one lettering scheme I saw I really liked was 1008 in as delivered black with the half moon heralds and switcher sized NW added to the long hood over her faded road name.  

I can not proved she was ever blue and think she went on to retirement in as delivered black.  Ed, your photo of 1013 in 1984 is the new to me and almost two years after retirement so I would say she is headed out.

I am going to try and contact the NYLE and she if anyone know how she looked when she arrived there.

James Wall

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