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When I got a bad shell on my N Scale NS 8103 I sent it back to Fox Valley to get a new shell.  While I was talking with Matt from FVM he said the best match for the 8103 would be Scalecoat B&O Blue.  I've seen photos of some models painted with this color and it looks good to me.  Fortunately Scalecoat hasn't gone the way of Floquil because Minuteman Scale Models has acquired Scalecoat from Weaver.
I've read of some modelers using the color codes to have paint exactly matched to the prototype's specs.  Does anyone know the color code for Post Merger Blue?
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While I know this might be a touchy subject can anyone recommend a close match for the blue paint scheme?  Wanting to paint a C425 and SD40.

James Wall
Rural Hall, NC
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