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Jimmy: I have been looking for a good photo showing what I am talking for about  two days and have not found one yet. I also looked in the NWHS Archive for drawings of the trailing trucks on the K2 and K2a's but, while they are listed, they have not been digitized. The trucks in question are 1919 USRA designed Cole trucks. I plan to look in my Locomotive Cyclopedias to see if I can locate a good photo and drawings.  The drawings I did of the various J class locomotives shows a pin guard on the trailing truck but on the more modern truck the pin guard is smaller since the coupling to the locomotive frame is more complicated and depends on more than one pin. Harold 
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"The coupler pen safety guards on my model were attached on the rear frame like wings and not on the front at the of the trailing truck yoke. The model would not run because the  "wings" shorted out on on the underside of the firebox. I took the rear truck off and the model ran fine. It was a streamlined 4-8-0. I had to use commercial paint remover to get the paint off the "Wings" and the yoke of the trailing truck. I they soldered the coupler pen safety  guards in the correct location and repainted the trailing truck." Harold 
     Could you please explain what the "coupler pen safety guards" ("wings") are that you are referring to (a picture would be nice)? I am at a loss at trying to understand exactly what part you are speaking of.

 Jimmy Lisle
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