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> /"The coupler pen safety guards on my model were attached on the rear 
> frame like wings and not on the front at the of the trailing truck 
> yoke. The model would not run because the "wings" shorted out on on 
> the underside of the firebox. I took the rear truck off and the model 
> ran fine. It was a streamlined 4-8-0. I had to use commercial paint 
> remover to get the paint off the "Wings" and the yoke of the trailing 
> truck. I they soldered the coupler pen safety  guards in the correct 
> location and repainted the trailing truck." //Harold /
     Could you please explain what the "*/coupler pen safety guards/*" 
("*/wings/*") are that you are referring to (a picture would be nice)? I 
am at a loss at trying to understand exactly what part you are speaking of.

Jimmy Lisle
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