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/On 6/17/2015 10:20 AM, NW Modeling List wrote:
> /I don't understand what the deal is with manufacturers not getting 
> the N&W Tuscan Red paint correct. It's a popular railroad. I saw 
> Lionel's aluminum passenger cars that came with the 2012 Legacy 
> version of the J but I thought those cars were not exactly scale sized.
> Very Respectfully,/
> /Joseph Congemi/
     Lionel actually did a pretty good job getting the N&W color right. 
Unfortunately, there were other issues and failures. Their cars never 
were intended to be a full scale length, coming in at 18". Therefore, 
they were never intended to be window spacing specific. They were 
intended to be like so many other passenger cars in different scales, a 
generic passenger car with N&W paint and lettering.
     The thing that really killed these cars were the stick on windows. 
You will notice in the accompanying photo how bad Lionel's engineering 
of the windows really was. Surprisingly, they got the vestibule window 
mounted in a proper manner! Who signed off on the carbody window 
installation is anyone's guess.
      It was also surprising how many Lionelofiles didn't care about the 
ugly windows. Just being made by "Lionel" was good enough for them!

Jimmy Lisle

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