O Scale Golden Gate Depot Powhatan Arrow

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This is what Scott Man sent me in regards of the N&W color.


“We believe the other Light Weight Cars we made for N&W are correct in color. They are not painted the same as PRR Tuscan.”





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Joseph: I have purchased or should I say reserved a Powhatan Arrow set.  The cars will not be here until October per Scott Mann today. I am trying to get Scott to understand that N&W tuscan red is different than PRR tuscan . So far I have had no luck. He still thinks that the tuscan he applied to the PS 10-6 pullman cars for N&W is correct for N&W tuscan. I have told him twice today that it is not correct. The PS 10-6s N&W purchased were painted and lettered to match PRR tuscan since they were in PRR/N&W pool service. The N&W tuscan red is much more red than the PRR which is more brown. Harold Davenport  



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Has anyone on this list purchased the new O Scale Golden Gate Depot Powhatan Arrow 5 car set? If so, can someone do a review on it?

Very Respectfully,
Joseph Congemi
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