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Thanks Ed and Jim.
I looked at the photos too, and came to the same conclusion. So no black on the ends and roof.
I understand that wood roof walks were never painted because paint would cause them to be slick when wet. Can anyone verify this?
Jim Kehn 
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   I have never had any reason to believe N&W ever painted box car roofs or ends black - especially the B1's. Also, I can't recall ever seeing one painted that way, and I overlooked the middle yard in Bluefield daily from  1946 to 1953, and periodically after that. They did eventually have some galvanized box car roofs that didn't get painted the body color, and eventually during the NW period, the whole box car might be black, but the B1's were probably gone by then.  
   Jim Nichols   
        On Saturday, April 11, 2015 10:54 AM, Edwin Painter <edwinpainter at> wrote:
I have never seen pictures of painting diagrams (or models.......not to be considered a source of accuracy though) of N&W boxcars painted with black ends of roofs.  However many older pictures are in B&W and may hide that kind of paint detail.  Rev. Nichols, Harold Davenport, or Jim Brewer and further enlightenment?        
Ed Painter Narrows, VA living in North Georgia        
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Did the N&W ever paint their boxcar roofs and ends black? Many railroads used a freight car coating on ends and roofs for protection.            
I'm specifically wondering about class B1 round roof cars.            
Just purchased a Lionel B1 boxcar in O 3 Rail which I plan to convert to 2 Rail. It's not a bad model for the price and appears to be scale.            
I will have to use a standard Bettendorf truck as it doesn't appear that the proper coil/elliptical spring ones are available in O scale.            
Maybe I'll have it done for the Marion convention!            
Jim Kehn               
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