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Phil:  Having both engines (on the model) moveable allows use of 
smaller radius;
the market for a model restricted to 40 inch (or more) radius would be 
limited.  At
one time, I tried to modify a PRR t-1 (duplex) into a rigid frame, like 
the prototype.
But some testing demonstrated it would end as a shelf model.

Jerome Crosson, St. Peters MO

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Has anyone heard of any plans to build/sell an affordable HO- (or N-) 
scale model of the Y6a 2156 that’s supposed to move from St. Louis to 
Roanoke sometime this year? Seems like the timing of that would be 
perfect for a model release and make someone some money.  It would be 
nice if the model didn’t have the rear engine turning separate from the 
boiler. I know this is probably wishful thinking, but…     There are 
lots of Y6b’s running around but not much otherwise that I’ve seen, of 
Y-class models.  Phil Miller ________________________________________
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