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Phil: You make a good point. We have Y6b's running out our ears but no real "affordable" Y6a's or Y6's. Division Point imported some beautiful Y6 and Y6a models in brass about a year ago. They were priced at around $2500.00. I have seen a couple on ebay  that sold for about $2100.00.  After Broadway Limited released the last run of Y6b's, I asked them to consider retooling the boiler to produce Y6's and Y6a's. I got no response.  
After my recent cataract operation, I can now see well enough to resume converting a Broadway Y6b into a Y6a. I will keep the Y6b tender underframe with the electronics but will replace the tender superstructure with a class C superstructure from the Broadway class A 2-6-6-4. The class I tender superstructure from the Y6b will go to the class A.   The trucks from the class I tender will be replaced with non-roller bearing trucks I purchased from Bethlehem Car Works. Some additional detail will be added to the tender.  The big change for the boiler/smokebox casting on the locomotive is the shortening of the smokebox.  The Y6b has an extended smokebox to accommodate the SA feedwater heater. The Y6a used the BL feedwater heater and had a shorter smokebox. To keep the model as accurate as possible, only a selected number of Y6a's can be modeled from the Broadway Y6b. The Broadway model has a lagged smokebox and only a few Y6a's had this improvement. Y6a
 number 2157 will be the number I select.  I have not made the cut to the smokebox yet. I am still working on correct measurements for placing the cut and whether or not I will have to remove the smoke unit in the smokebox.  Other changes will include adding the BL feedwater heater on the engineer's side and dual air pumps on the firemans side.  The handraillings on the front engine will also have to be reworked.  And for Frank ( and myself), I plan to block the rear engine from swiveling.  One of the reasons I am proceeding with this conversion is that the initial price of the Broadway locomotive is reasonable. I would not dare attempt this conversion on a brass model. Harold Davenport  

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Has anyone heard of any plans to build/sell an affordable HO- (or N-) scale model of the Y6a 2156 that’s supposed to move from St. Louis to Roanoke sometime this year? Seems like the timing of that would be perfect for a model release and make someone some money.  It would be nice if the model didn’t have the rear engine turning separate from the boiler. I know this is probably wishful thinking, but…     There are lots of Y6b’s running around but not much otherwise that I’ve seen, of Y-class models. 
Phil Miller

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