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You are absolutely correct in your comments.


The NWHS started electronic Talk Among Friends (eTAF) in 2013 so that we had a place where members could submit photos, short articles, modeling pictures, etc. In our 24 months of publishing eTAF, three members have provided unsolicited photographs. No member has provided an unsolicited article. 


The Arrow has a modeling editor who works with authors when they submit articles, photos, etc. You don’t see very much modeling content in The Arrow because no one submits content to be published.


The opportunities you describe for railfans, photographers, and modelers have been in place for some time.  


Alex Schust




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I think one thing that could be added to The Arrow, in addition to reviews, is something similar to Model Railroader's Trackside Photos section.  Every Arrow could feature a page with one or two pictures submitted by a reader of their layout or one of their N&W, VGN, or NS or other N&W related models like P&WV or NKP models in any scale.  Along with the picture the would be some info on the model, how they modeled it, why they modeled it or maybe prototype information on the subject.  I think this would be an excellent way to get content as well as introduce more people to writing articles and being able to showcase there hard work.


-Evan Miller

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