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I agree with Jim and Bill.  A magazine that publishes quarterly is at a disadvantage when it comes to timely product reviews.  Both MR and RMC have reviews on the AG this month and those were already prepared 90 days prior to publication.  I wouldn't be surprised to see that the review was also in Model Railroad News, another White River publication as well.  What would really do the model some good is to take the locomotive, car or what ever and make the changes to correct the errors and publish it.

Just my thoughts on this issue
Larry Smith

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I agree 100% with your comments about reviews; when I was consulted informally by the Board regarding reviews, I brought up many of the same points.
Given the amount of information available today on the internet, chat lists, Yahoo lists, etc., the timeliness of a review in the Arrow would be "ancient history."
I routinely receive email announcements from various hobby shops that I deal with regarding "new products."  All indicate to "reserve now" because production, as has become the norm, is "limited."
On our own N&W Mailing and Modeling Lists, I haven't really noticed inquiries about specific models and their accuracy; other than some discussion about brass models, all long out of production, the lists have pretty much been silent about the accuracy, or lack thereof, of models that have come to market. I have noticed certain members who are also dealers hyping reservations for models "planned" but not committed to production.
So.....Walthers/Proto has announced the high hood GP30 detailed for N&W................
Jim Brewer
NWHS Modeling Editor

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Deja vu all over again, me thinks.

The fact that we revisit this subject every few years highlights the difficulties of taking a simple idea from here to there. Seems to be easier said than done. Since the last time this ground was plowed, many N&W models have been produced, from diesels to covered hoppers to .... Few reviews.

What should be reviewed? Who does the review? What standards, if any, should be applied? Reviewed against what data/drawings? Timing? In today's market, some models must be reserved in advance lest they be gone on arrival. That makes timely reviews in publications that publish on a quarterly basis problematic.

Great idea; hard to implement. Hats off to Frank for trying once again.

Bill McClure

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