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Ahhh; a response.  I was hoping for that.

First:  Thanks for the info, Kurt.  Good to know.
Second:  Roger, personally I appreciate your $.02.   I've seen your name on
a number of lists that I'm on (one of the joys of retirement).  Now let me
clarify:  When I said "us" I'm referring to the NWHS Modeling Committee and
people we know.  Also, because I wanted to get the information out there, I
should have specified that we might well use multiple ways to spread the

Yes, it's been ages since I saw MR really roast a product; they do have a
magazine to put out.  But, as I noted, they did spell out what I see as the
flaws in the AG.  And I don't have my test track set up to do some of the
testing that they do.  And, not to belabor something that we've beaten to
death on several lists, everyone has to have their own threshold.  The rear
engine swiveling bothers me.  It bothered me, but didn't keep me from
getting some of the Bachman 2-6-6-2's because "I was hurtin" for 2-6-6-2's
at that time.  I know some of the Virginian guys will put up with that, and
take Xacto in paw in change the domes.  But think the non-objective
(measurements, pulling power, etc.)of a review the same way you look at
movie reviews.  In our local fishwrap there are reviewers that over the
years I've learned have more or less my esthetic, and reviewers who will
pan a movie that I'll probably like.  I do that two of my buds are horribly
offended by the fact that the VGN Ertl gon is too short and is missing a
rib; doesn't bother me.  And the plan is to put the name of the
reviewer(s)in the review.  With all that said, yes Roger; I noticed your
name as a "volunteer".  Stay tuned.  [say; think about coming to the Marion
convention and we can discuss this more over coffee <VBG>

Frank Bongiovanni

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> Frank,
> Personally I would like to see some type of review inside the N&WHS. Many
> of us don't live near a hobby shop and many of us are out of N&W territory
> so a local shop probably wouldn't purchase anything N&W/VGN we would be
> wanting. The review could either save us from purchasing something not
> really worth having or prompt us to get moving and make that purchase
> before it's gone. Everyone has different ideas on what qualifies as
> "acceptable' so this would be a great way to get ideas and facts flowing
> about an item.
> I would like to volunteer to do reviews for the Society if the items could
> be presented to me. Like I said I'm pretty far from N&W Territory and about
> 75 miles from a sub-standard hobby shop that only "speaks" UP and BNSF.
> I would caution members from accepting any MR reviews as accurate. In the
> past couple years I have seen glaring errors in their reviews. The one that
> comes right to the forefront of memory is their Blackstone HOn3 D&RGW C-19
> 2-8-0. It's a very accurate and lovely model. The reviewer stated FACTS
> about it being a great model of RGS #20. What? RGS #20 is a 4-6-0 and other
> than gauge is nothing like the C-19. Several other "accuracy checks" the
> reviewer made were so far off base he may as well compare it to THE J.
> Unfortunately, like many things in MR, they write enough to fill out pages
> and columns to make a pretty magazine and promote their advertisers.
> I think having "our folks" (N&WHS members) review would give us a better
> review and be more help to us all.
> My 2¢,
> Roger Huber
> Deer Creek Locomotive Works
> Huntsville, AR
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>  Subject: Model reviews
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>  Date: Thursday, January 29, 2015, 4:19 PM
>  As we've
>  stated recently, we are planning on putting some model
>  reviews in either the eTaf, or this list, or in the Arrow.
>  We plan to review either models we have purchased for
>  ourselves, or, subject to the requirement of undergoing an
>  objective review, any N&W or VGN model provided to us by
>  manufacturers or importers.  The details are still being
>  worked out.  Some of you expressed an interest in this, and
>  some of us would like to do it in our "spare"
>  time.
>  Meanwhile, the Model Railroader that arrived
>  today has a fairly comprehensive review of the Rivarossi VGN
>  AG 2-6-6-6, the model that triggered this discussion a few
>  months ago.  I strongly recommend this review as it points
>  out the model's good points and its flaws.  The
>  reviewer spelled out the things that bother me: the domes
>  and the rear engine swiveling, and the traction tires (the
>  review did not say if there are optional drivers without
>  traction tires--which some of the manufacturers and
>  importers have provided).  The running characteristics are
>  noted as quite good, and they measure the pulling ability.
>  Each of us potential purchasers has to balance the
>  price/good stuff/bad stuff for him/her self.
>  In any event, it's out there.
>  Enjoy.
>  Frank Bongiovanni
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