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We have a modeling Editor for the Arrow. I think reviews should go into the Arrow to provide content. It is my understanding that we have been coming up short on the amount of material we have to provide to White River Productions and this could help to close the gap. In the last issue I submitted a little modeling review, and my abilities are nowhere near most of the people on this list. 

Mason Cooper


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As we've stated recently, we are planning on putting some model reviews in either the eTaf, or this list, or in the Arrow.  We plan to review either models we have purchased for ourselves, or, subject to the requirement of undergoing an objective review, any N&W or VGN model provided to us by manufacturers or importers.  The details are still being worked out.  Some of you expressed an interest in this, and some of us would like to do it in our "spare" time.


Meanwhile, the Model Railroader that arrived today has a fairly comprehensive review of the Rivarossi VGN AG 2-6-6-6, the model that triggered this discussion a few months ago.  I strongly recommend this review as it points out the model's good points and its flaws.  The reviewer spelled out the things that bother me: the domes and the rear engine swiveling, and the traction tires (the review did not say if there are optional drivers without traction tires--which some of the manufacturers and importers have provided).  The running characteristics are noted as quite good, and they measure the pulling ability.  Each of us potential purchasers has to balance the price/good stuff/bad stuff for him/her self.  


In any event, it's out there.  Enjoy.


Frank Bongiovanni

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