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*/"/**/When the model came out  Rivarossi/Hornby asked the Society to 
give our blessings on the model and review the model in the "Arrow".  We 
refused, telling the person who made the inquiry that there were too 
many incorrect details on their model for the Society to accept."/*

Did Rivarossi/Hornby actually ask for "blessings"?

*/"One of the major points is that each of us must find his or her own 
threshold of tolerance; that threshold will vary as an individual 
decides what is "good enough" that he is satisfied, or at least not 
offended, by what he sees in his basement."/*

Is it in the members best interests to _/refuse/_ reviewing N&W/VGN 
models? Would it not be better to give an unbiased review to 1.) inform 
the membership what is available, 2.) Point out the pluses/minuses, and 
then,_/*let the member decide*/_ if the model is right for them?

Jimmy Lisle

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