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No wonder they did not rework the domes because of the DCC access. Majority
of modelers would not know the difference in the sand domes. If MTH can sell
the VGN triplex with the wrong boiler and wheel arrangement. Then the Hornby
VGN AG should be an easier sell.
Stephen Rineair

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The domes give access to the DCC, you don't need to dissassemble the engine
to add DCC. Filling them in is not recommended, but to work the new domes
the same way.
If you make some kind of notching fit, maybe dashes of Walthers goo will
hold them in place and yet you could remove them fairly easily if you need
access, then just goo them back, unless you can make a reasonably good press
fit snugly. MY new BLI 4-4-4-4 tender has no screws for the shell, they snug
pressed the shell on, that had me going for a short trying to find out how
to remove the shell....oh DUH!!!


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> Lynn
> You say the domes pop off on the model. Is there a big hole to fill?
> The reason I am asking is that I am presently involved in changing the
> domes on a Bachmann C&O H-4. It involves debonding the present domes  and
> filling in a large hole with styrene and putty. It's a pain! New domes
> be from masters made by the 3D process and then cast in resin.  This whole
> process involves disassembling the boiler, cab, etc. If the  AG can be
> worked on and domes replaced without all this
> disassembly it may be a very easy conversion to make if someone  can make
> the drawings and have the domes made by  Shapeways.
> Jim Kehn
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> I poured  over some images, and I see the diffrerrences now, the
> Virginian Tender  sides are higher, the domes maybe a little narrower
> maybe slightly  longer.
> The domes pop off on the RR model, so maybe if you hit Precision  scale
> or other parts places you may get the correct dome.
> I don't  understand why they couldnt tool up for the domes, but it might
> mean  changing the entire boiler casting just for the piping, might be
> why they  didnt want to mod the domes.
> But the model community even some OEM  manufactures have done mod kits
> for other engines like a box cab for the  athearn hustler, the AG would
> need some piping and the domes  changed.
> -Lynn-

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