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According to the information on the NWHS web site, two types of trucks were 
 used, N&W types T-89 and T-94.  From the photos, they appear to be  
basically 41-N-11 trucks.  I personally do not know in more detail what  
differentiated a T-89 from a T-94, or what "41" classification specifically  applied, 
but there are others who I'm confident can fill in the blanks.   The one 
clue I see is that the equalizer beam on some of the trucks in the  photos 
appears to be of the "flanged" type, while others are a plain rectangular  
cross section.
If you're modeling, consider the distance from which the cars will be  
viewed.  If it's three feet or more, in HO the Walthers 41-N-11 933-1069 will do 
nicely, or the IHB "Super Free  Rolling" four-wheel if  you can find some 
on eBay. (Do NOT use the  Rapido 41-N-11; it has rotary snubbers.  The N&W 
used piston snubbers,  and the difference CAN be seen from three feet.)
Hope this helps, sorry I can't help on the T-89 vs T-94, but my knowledge  
just doesn't extend quite that far.
Dave Phelps
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 What type of trucks were used on the Budd 10-6 University and  College 
series passenger cars?
Jim Kehn

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