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I found a similar Streamlined cab from Greenway a few years ago.   It'll match the existing Rivorossi Y6b but in brass.   I partly built a Y5 from a Rivorossi Y6b.  I removed the air pumps and FW system and that includes removing the part in front of the stack.   I used Brass details for the BL FWS and air pumps, added marker lights, shortened the smokebox front etc.  The rear sand dome needs to have the gap filled in after removal of the dry pipe.  I bought 33" spoked wheels and trimmed away the outer bearing detail for the pony  and lead truck.  For the tender I started with a Bachman excursion era A tank, and then I made molds of the coal sided os a Powerhouse Y3 tender as well as the front of the tender for the coal doors etc.  I used a doghouse copied from a Rivorossi Y6b tender, and earlier buckeye trucks in brass.  Of course, I numbered mine 2092……

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Is anyone aware of any articles from the Arrow or other magazines that talk about converting HO plastic Y class engines (Proto Y3, PCM and Rivarossi Y6b) to other Y classes?  I've tried several keyword searches on the Arrow and haven't found anything.

If not, I am looking for recommendations on two parts:  The slanted/sport cab used on the Y4-Y6b, and the inspection hatch used on the Y3a-Y5.

Marty Flick

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