F8 Scheme lettering

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Mon Mar 31 17:47:38 EDT 2014

Hi List,

I have questions about the last N&W paint scheme F8 (NORFOLK
AND WESTERN) spelled out. I couldn't find in the 2nd gen diesel book as to
when the F8 scheme was started being used.

1. From when to when was F8 being applied?

2. Were the nose NW and the "AND" 12" tall instead of the 15"

3. The book says that some units had 15" tall "AND" instead of 12"

4. Did N&W have more than one paint shop and was that where the
different sized "AND's" came from?

5. A list of units that received F8 lettering

I'm interested in modeling the early 80's at merger time

Thank you, John Hecker

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