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Finally available in N Scale are the new Triple Clasp HTC Truck found on N&W's SD40-2's.  The new trucks are 3D printed replacement frames for Kato SD40-2's.  Here's the link 

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To coin a phrase, When it rains, it pours. This March has certainly favored N&W steam-era N-Scale modelers.

AT LAST, N&W's CF caboose (wood side) is available, coming out as a laser-cut kit, American Model Builders' item AMB 552.  To view, go to Brooklyn Locomotive Works (  Under "new update log", click Laser Kit, 26 March.

On the same screen scroll down to 8 March, announcing Broadway
Limited's N&W H2a 3-bay hopper, a long-awaited production, available in both 17" and 24" "N&W" car sides lettering (the latter for stenciling when cars were shopped / built 21 October 1952 through 1956.) 

The CF is sold as a single item, whereas the H2a is available in
6-packs only.

I do not have the models in hand, but photos in the above references
appear to show accurate work.

To my knowledge, these are the first commercially-produced models of
the two cars.

If the Modeling Committee was involved in the birthing of these
models, take a bow!

Frank Gibson


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