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At the time of 1975 most N&W locomotives had either been delivered in the
all black with white NW scheme or repainted in a ratio of about %70. This
is an average based on the review of about 500 black-and-white negatives I
have of N&W Diesels. Some of the delivered-in-blue SD45 phase 1's had been
repainted into the NW scheme- about 60% . While most of the GP-9's and
GP-18's were in use, RS-11's were being scrapped with few left. Mainline
freights were mostly pulled by SD40's and SD40-2's in high and low noses, SD
45's Phase 1's and C-30-7's. Early 1960's units mostly were in the black
with Dulux gold half-moon herald. GP40's and GP38AC's were used as well.

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