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You can use SD35's, in all schemes offered by Atlas, SD45's, all schemes by Athearn, and the SD40-2's in the #1625-1652 and #6072 - 6138 ranges. SD40-2's from 6139 and up were delivered in after 1978. You will get to miss the C30-7's and their triple clasp trucks, although you can model the U30C's (Atlas). No one other than Overland offers a RTR SD40 for NW, and I haven't seen one on e-bay for 4-5 years. You could start with a Kato or an Athearn/RailPower and kitbash from there to cover your SD40 needs. You can also use GP38AC's in the 4100 series and GP40's in the 1300 series, both of which Atlas has made. There are other four axle motors from Atlas, Atlas/Kato/Stewart, Proto 2000 and Athearn that I have not mentioned.

L&N ran SD35's, SDP35's, SD40's and SD40-2's, all of which were low short hood. Atlas ran a couple of schemes on both the SD35 and the SDP35. Kato has the best overall SD40's and SD40-2's, but you will need to paint them L&N. I know Athearn has released a couple of L&N SD40-2's, but I am not sure what they may have offered on their former RailPower SD40. You can also run Alco 628's/C630's, which were recently released from Bowser for L&N.

The other additional kicker you get with the L&N is that they were always power short and leased SD40's from CN and had run-through power off of both the DT&I and the GT. The Shamrock Coal / Onieda & Western SD40-2's were built in '79. From time-to-time Clinchfield power would show up on the L&N as well.

You further have the option of the Southern (ex-Interstate) which paralleled the L&N from Big Stone Gap to Norton and the N&W to Tacoma. There are quite a few models that many of the plastic model manfacturer's have offered all in high hood for the Southern from both GE and EMD that would be suitable for your era.

For specific motive power, definitely check out Bob Bower's 2nd Generation N&W Diesels. In addition to the recently released N&W Clinch Valley (Wolfe, Mandelkern, Wilson), which by the way is an excellent book, you may want to check out Ed Wolfe's three publications on the Interstate RR books and his Southern Appalachian Div book as well. Ron Flannery has offered two really good books of use, the CV Div. book Paul mentioned below as well as "L&N in the Appalachians" from Old Line Graphics.

One other really good source is the website Search for Ron Flannery. There are over 2,000 of his images from the region on that site in both B&W and color. I have found it to be a useful tool as well.

Hope this helps.

Russ Goodwin
Buford, GA

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I'm glad to find out there is another modeler interested in the Clinch Valley District. I' m modeling the CV around St. Paul/Boody and the interchange with the Clinchfield. What scale do you model in ?

To answer your question, I don't know of any N&W locomotive rosters specific to the CV, but there are some good books you should look at:

First, a shameless plug for a new book called Clinch Valley Line written by railroad author Ed Wolfe with the assistance of Bucky Wilson and me. It is a comprehensive history of the CV, and it is available from the N&WHS Commissary. While
it does not have locomotive rosters it does have plenty of photos of locomotives and trains on the CV in the 1970's, including some in color. There are also photos of L&N trains in Norton.

You should also consult Norfolk and Western First Generation Diesels and Norfolk and Western Second Generation Diesels by Paul Withers and Bob Bowers. It has some photos of locomotives on the CV.

Finally, a very good book about the L&N in southwest Virginia is L&N Cumberland Valley Division Album by Ron Flanary, an expert on the L&N in that area.

If you have any questions about the CV you can contact me offline at
ipmandel1 at

Paul Mandelkern
Winter Park, Florida

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I’m modeling the Clinch Valley District in the summer of 1975. I’ll need about 20 N&W locos and 12 L&N. What types and paint schemes would be a good mix to represent what was in use on the line at that time? I’m looking for two different
answers: a “perfect world” that accurately represents the actual equipment in use, and a “real world” that takes into account the availability of RTR models and a desire to have an interesting mix on the layout.

Carl Woods
Richmond, VA

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