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No SD-40's with High Hoods have been produced in plastic. Overland did a HO N&W prototype High Hood in brass. ALCO KMT did a brass High Hood model that was a great model in 1970 but by today's standards doesn't have very good detail and runs horribly at best.

I like Athearn's Ready to Run line of models. They make a true SD40 that runs well and has very good detail. I have several of them in Clinchfield, Pennsy, and Penn Central. If I were going to do a N&W High Hood SD40 one of these would be my starting point. None are being produced and available currently from Athearn but there're almost always some for sale on eBay. Do a eBay search in HO for SD40.

Here are the models Athearn has offered in the past. I would also believe based on what they have and are producing that they will

Next I'd get a Cannon High hood kit. One will be correct for a SD40. Here is a dealer that lists them for sale.

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> I’m not finding any N&W SD40’s out there for sale so it looks like I’ll have to make my own.


> Which model when stripped of paint, converted to high hood, and painted would be the best starting point for an N&W SD40?


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