Few Questions about Sunset M

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Sun Nov 17 18:46:21 EST 2013

Thanks for the replies everyone. I have a rear coupler installed. looks
like the front coupler is going to take some more work. I took off the
boiler, and had a look at the motor. I'm a little bit confused. Attached to
my email is a picture. The red arrow points to the wire for the headlight.
The yellow arrow points to what I assume is the pickup for the
front/engine. The teal arrow points to the screw that goes to the
drawbar/tender. How to install the decoder? More directly, solder what to
what? Is the screw at the yellow arrow removable? Having a tough time
getting it to move at all. Also, still confused about that is picking up
what current and how power is transferred. I can take more pictures if
people need to see it to help me out. Thanks for the help!

-Brad Custer
Columbus, OH
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