BLI B&O H2a hoppers

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Charlie Vlk here from Railroad Model Resources.

I did the original artwork for all productions of the BLI H2a hoppers and
yes, according to pictures I worked off of for 3 different cars the lease
was implemented..or at least three different cars were painted up in full
B&O paint. IIRC the equipment registry had entries that matched the H2a
numbers and dimensions from the photos indicating the full range of numbers

Best regards,

Charlie Vlk

Railroad Model Resources

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I recently saw the HO scale Broadway Limited H2a hoppers in B&O again. I
know the Dow Coal Car book mentions a lease that was planned but never
implemented. Has there been any additional information on these cars? Did
B&O ever lease or buy any of the N&W H2a/H3 hoppers?

Marty Flick

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