N&W J colors in excursion service

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This person is quite knowlegable with both  this engine and 1318 its, in my opinion, it's running mate.  He has visited the museum where they are now and has studied them both as they where  when they were operating for the money.
Bill Mercier   

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Subject: N&W J colors in excursion service

Accucraft is working on the
pilot model of the 611 in excursion service.  This is a 1:32 scale live
steam model.
I have been asked if there is a reliable source to provide the correct
colors for the striping and the lettering.
I am also looking for the correct font for the lettering.  Perhaps
lettering diagrams are available from the archives.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Jim Stapleton
Purcellville  VA

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