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The lettering and striping is done with One-Shot Lettering Enamel, Imitation Gold, I don't have the exact number with me, but it is only one color of imitation gold. It is the same color used on the passenger cars, and all other N&W steam from about 1950 on. It was listed as a Duco color, but the One-Shot is the exact paint. It is still standard within the sign industry. It is what I used to letter 1218 a few years back, VGN No. 4 and shortly N&W No. 6 at VMT.

The lettering does not exist as a "font" in the form of a computer font or commercial font. It was hand drawn by N&W engineering folks, sort of loosley based on a Pennsy lettering,but not the same.

I've got it drawn in modern software for commercial production, and use it for making the stencils for everything I've lettered, full size or smaller.

Ken Miller

On Sep 10, 2013, at 12:06 PM, NW Modeling List wrote:

> Accucraft is working on the pilot model of the 611 in excursion service. This is a 1:32 scale live steam model.

> I have been asked if there is a reliable source to provide the correct colors for the striping and the lettering.

> I am also looking for the correct font for the lettering. Perhaps lettering diagrams are available from the archives.


> Any assistance would be appreciated.


> Jim Stapleton

> Purcellville VA

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