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I too use Scalecoat and Scalecoat II ATSF Blue. I've done this going back to the 70's. Likewise it matches Oriental Ltd/Challenger brass N&W models and Athearn's newer models (Atlas uses a darker blue and Overland uses a lighter blue). I dare say that there were variations of N&W/Pevelar blue when looking at prototypes. I have literally thousands of 35 mm slides of N&W units during this era and the tint of the blue absolutely varies. With that said I still pefer and continue to use Scalecoat ATSF blue to paint Pevelar Blue N&W units.

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> Robb is accurate in using the ATSF blue ( plus a couple of drops of black). Most brass and model companies like OMI, Atlas and Athearn use this color choice.

> I have used it for years as other professional painters. By the way most professional painters will use Scalecoat paint as the pigments are finer than other paint brands.

> Key and other importers have used Scalecoat before they turned to automotive paint that is now used on brass.

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> ATSF Blue is another option. It's what all the model companies spec (or its Pantone equivalent). I darken it just a bit by adding a few drops of black to the small jar.


> I didn't like the 8103 when it was released, but now that it has a nice layer of coal dust it looks good.


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