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Fri May 31 18:30:34 EDT 2013

Looks like it's true; Floquil and Polly Scale will soon be history. So, I
just now put in my order to Micromark for some Polly Scale colors I use

Greg Harrod

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Several years ago my club which uses B & O Enchanted Blue had a need to
paint a very large number of locomotives and passenger cars. Finding enough
Floquil was becoming an issue! I am in the automotive industry owning my own
shop which builds custom cars! My body shop guy has a paint system that can
mix any color! So I had him mix me a Qt. of paint and we sprayed away! Now
that being said the smallest mixable quantity is a pint! So if you have a
friend in a body shop or you can buy paint from an automotive paint
supplier you can buy paint a lot cheaper in quantity! which is good to know since
I just heard that Testers is shutting down it's entire model paint
operation! No more Floquil or Polly S nothing!

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"......REASONABLE color to use...." works just fine for me. At age 67,
I'll be damned if I'm going to waste hours, days, weeks or longer in pursuit
of "correct color".

Greg Harrod
(another VGN guy and sometime N&W guy)

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James, you are asking a very Flammable question. "Correct color"? Much
ink, blood, and paint have been spilled in pursuit of this topic. It's perhaps
wiser to ask "what is a REASONABLE color to use...."

No, I do not have even an approximate answer. (I'm a VGN guy...)

- Marty Swartz

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