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Thanks for your effort and your expertise

Philip Taylor

Never assume that the way it is now is the way it has always been

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In the original Norfolk Southern photos of 8103, Casey had lightened the
photo to highlight the black trucks, therefore causing the blue in the photo to
show incorrect. In my professional opinion, Norfolk Southern got the N&W
blue correct.
I do have the code for the original formula but it is no longer valid. When
the paint companies recently changed their formulas many of the older colors
weren't included so the original code is useless. We have run into the same
problem with the N&W red.
I will try to get the new code they used for 8103 as well as what they are
currently using on their business cars.
Richard D. Shell
ShellScale Decals
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>On the now defunct Atlas Forum and his

own diesel detailer forum this topic has been discussed as well, Andy Harmon
uses several different shades of blue for modelling. Medium
blue, B&O Enchantment blue and either of those lightened with white to
suit would work well. Richard Shell has the original paint ID # and may
respond with it.  The issue with the real paint that was used, as
according to Andy, is that "it started fading as soon as it left the paint
shop." Andy models the N&W in northern Ohio during the Pevler Blue era and
has done extensive research on the motors wearing this color. He has not been
able to find consistent colors even from photos taken in the same time period,
same region similar paint dates, etc, etc, etc....


>I do recall

seeing initial photos of the 8103 when it was released from Altoona and it
didn't look quite right, at least to me, but as it was in service and has
flattened out and weathered it looks much more



>Russ Goodwin

>Buford, GA



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>> I am looking at doing several

models on the blue paint. What is the correct color in either Floquil or


>> Also, I have had no response on the location and

type of the radio antenna on the high hood C425's. Anyone have a clue on this


>> Who might be coming to Winston Salem in October?


>> Thanks in advance,

>> James Wall




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